Best Forward’s


Forward provides 2 main features which work together: Derivative Trading and Lending & Borrowing.

Creating real borrowing demand
leading to higher APR.


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Derivative Trading

Forward’s Derivative (DDEX) provides perpetual futures trading written on major crypto tokens, including BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT and more.


What makes Forward unique

Forward requires no Makers or Takers, and has no limit order book which leads to

timerInstant Matching
bookNarrow Spread
bofeedokLow Transaction Fees

With an advanced hedging algorithm called

Automated Position Hedger (APH)

We are creating sustainability among the protocol,
the ecosystem, and Defi users.

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& Borrowing


Forward offers services which allow users to lend or borrow major crypto tokens.

The annual percentage rates (APRs) are determined by the supply and demand in the liquidity pools, The higher the demand for the loan, the higher the APRs.


Lenders could receive APRs of up to 300% due to high borrowing demand from trading, and more from trading fees.


Borrowers can organize their portfolio more easily with Fixed APY Rates and could increase LTV up to 74%.